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  • See the diamond's brilliance and cut before you buy.

excellent cut round, maximum brilliance
Table Diameter: 52.4 - 57.5%
Crown Angle: 33.7 - 35.8 Degrees
Pavilion Depth: 42.2 - 43.8%
Girdle Thickness: Thin, Medium, Slightly Thick
Culet Size: None, Pointed, Very Small, Small, or Medium



diamond glossary, BarninkaDiamond Tip Learning

  • Cut is the most important, and least understood, factor of the 4C's.
  • 97.5% of a diamond's brilliance is controlled by the quality of it's cut:
    1. proportions
    2. polish
    3. symmetry of it's facets
  • Precision cutting is necessary to release the beauty of a diamond.   The brilliance, fire, and scintillation that make diamonds so desirable is the result of how skillfully a diamond is cut.
  • Antwerp cutters are world-famous, producing 80% of true excellent cut round diamonds.
  • CGL certified 'Hearts and Arrows' are the top excellent cuts.
  • Well-cut, properly polished and proportioned diamonds will be brilliant throughout the stone and will refract rainbow like colors, even in a dimly lit room.   Poorly cut diamonds will refract only white light, or appear dull and lifeless and often have dark or washed-out areas that allow to see through the bottom of the stone. A diamond that has been cut too deep will often have a dark center a 'nailhead'.

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